Winnetka, IL 2013-2014


7 Showcases




2 Page Spread


Artist Statement

In my paintings I look for the insignicance and hidden beauty in contemporary objects and locations.

The compelling subtleties of everyday subjects and ant appreciation for the unexamined details

of time and place.

One of my recurring themes is a rural American landscape embodying a quiet pathos of

abandonment and decay expressed in still images of rundown gas stations, lifeless general stores,

weathered signage, and sprawling railroad yards.

Ranging from lurid neon to incandescent urban glare, subtle variations of atmospheric

and articial lighting accentuate the quiet simplicity of my landscapes.


Alex Devereux was born in Elmhurst, Illinois and raised in the Northern suburbs of Chicago.

Since childhood, Alex had a strong interest in drawing and painting coupled with an interest in

Vintage/Retro Americana. This unique pairing would later shape his artistic body of work.

Alex began his formal artistic studies at The American Academy of Art of Chicago. While

studying Graphic Design with an emphasis on Illustration, he went on to earn his AAS.

It was a college project that brought Alex to a local junkyard to photograph a rusted out 1956

Buick. This photograph would be the inspiration for his initial painting that started him on his

photorealism journey. Utilizing mediums such as pencil, colored pencil, and watercolor, it would

be Arcylic that Alex found most eective in capturing the photorealistic look.

Moving his studio from Chicago to Florida. Alex now concentrates on both a career in Graphic

Design with and strong concentration in Fine Art. Alex’s paintings have been exhibited in solo

and group shows in Chicago and Arizona. His work can also be found in numerous private

collections throughout the country. He currently lives in Northern Florida with his wife and three



Currently Represented by

Leslie Levy Fine Art   www.leslielevy.com

Kyo Gallery   www.kyogallery.com